Since its inception in 1948, Goko Seisakusho has developed steadily together with Japan's transport industry. As one of the leading manufacturers of transport machinery, we at Goko have become adept at adapting to the changes of the times.
Using the technology and expertise that we have nurtured over the years, we are able to provide the highest quality products to clients with unrivalled speed. Furthermore, we at Goko aim to consolidate our position as a manufacturer of products that, while functional, also take into account environmental protection, as well as people's safety and comfort. It is our aim to be recognized and welcomed as by the community as a company that looks out for people's best interests.

                             Eitaro Nakazono,President

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  1. 01.Rolling Stock
  2. 02.Bus
  3. 03.Marine

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Main Office & Works:

No.9-5, 2-chome, Nakane, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
tel. No. +81-3-5731-9631
Fax. No. +81-3-5729-3891